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Disney Safety Tips

Disney is the happiest place on earth and for any Disney fan, that can certainly be true.  However, when you have a lot of people in one location at any given time, there is the risk of some dangers at Disney parks that we all need to be aware of.   First...

Disney’s Inspirational Energy Plans

With a focus on being more environmentally friendly, many companies have been inspired to make changes in the way they approach their own actions. Disney is no exception when it comes to making environmental changes. The Disney parks and stores have done...

Amy’s Hocus Pocus Review

Let’s go back to 1993 when a little movie came out called Hocus Pocus.  This year marks the 25thanniversary of Hocus Pocus’s release and the movie has a pretty good following for something that is a quarter of a decade old.  You can see a Hocus Pocus stage show in...

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