Walt Disney Inspired The World!!!

Walt Disney created the most powerful media company in the world. However, success did not come easily to him. It took hard work and determination to overcome bankruptcy and homelessness.


The Walt Disney Company Inspires The World!!!

Today, Bob Iger is the Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company. During Iger’s tenure, Disney has grown to an astronomical size through acquiring Marvel, LucasArts, and Pixar. Disney and Fox will be the company’s next merger barring any antitrust regulations.


Disney Citizenship Inspires The World!!!

The Walt Disney Company believes in the power of stories, families, and hope. Through creativity and imagination, there are no limits to the possibilities of making the world a better place. In Disney stories we discover the inspiration to imagine a brighter tomorrow and the hope that dreams come true. Disney inspires families everywhere to take action and care for the world that we share. As long as we can imagine a better world, there is work to be done.


Inspiration: News and Information about Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel. Everything from the parks to movies, music, video games, and other forms of entertainment.

Education: The History of the Walt Disney Company. The Science of Imagineering. The Marketing of Disney Products and Services.

Take Action: Acting Responsible. Live Healthier. Strengthen Community. Conserve Nature.

Imagination: Think Creatively.

Visited Disneyland for the first time at the age of 3 years old. “Growing up Disney was easy because Disneyland was 30 minutes away from our house.”

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